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Here's 3 Minutes of MINISTRY's Al Jourgensen Shitting on President Donald Trump

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Al Jourgensen is made and his new album AmeriKKKant will address his anger. In a new video interview produced by his label, Uncle Al is asked if President Trump should be impeached.

"I predict he's going down this year," Jourgensen said, "impeachment… this year. Resignation and shame. I don't think it'll be through Congress which is too spineless, I really think it will be a resignation on his part."

"Voters do count and what these young students have done is to stimulate the survival mode of our spinless politicians at hyper speed with the one thing they understand — money," said Jourgensen. "The money that they accept quid pro quo for their silence and inaction when it comes to gun control, that same money that will dry up from party donors' bottom line losses that will now occur with the klieg lights fully on their corporate shareholders. I fully support the tactics taken by these kids because THEY are the ones who will REALLY make America great again."

Al also released a new eight minute song, called "The Twilight Zone."

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AmeriKKKant is out March 9th.

Posted by Metal Injection on February 21, 2018 at 6:48 pm

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