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HARMS WAY's Music Video For "Become A Machine" Is Basically A Black Mirror Episode

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Harms Way's new music video for "Become A Machine" might have been directed by Max Moore, but it's pretty much a Black Mirror episode. The main character develops a pretty serious sickness after being on the computer, starts vomiting black, and during surgery gets stuck with a microchip. This causes the guy to get stuck in an infinite loop, presumably where neither life nor death exists. Y'know, a happy ending.

Here's how drummer Chris Mills explained the song and video to Revolver.

"This song and video takes a critical look on our relationship with technology, as a society, and the enigmatic nature that it can create. It was great to work with Max on this project, and he did a fantastic job bringing our vision to light. We've worked several videos together over the years and it's been amazing to watch both he and the band grow in progressive ways."

Harms Way's new album Posthuman is out now.

Posted by on February 9, 2018 at 12:58 pm

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