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AUTHOR & PUNISHER's New Song "Nihil Strength" Is Industrial Destruction

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Author & Punisher, the crushing one man industrial project of Tristan Shone, will release a new album called Beastland on October 5. He's streaming a brand new song and video called "Nihil Strength" right now, which as you might've guessed is completely abrasive.

“I built new machines for this album to make more aggressive and dynamic music. These devices are compact and powerful, made from robotic components, intended for high energy repetition. I, as do many others, feel rage against the Beasts of our era: those who horde, who poison, or who discriminate. We need aggressive music to make an aggressive statement. Beastland is an introspection of who we are as a human race. At a time when we have the tools, the intellect, and the history to remind us how to treat each other and the earth, we go far out of our way to feast on the less fortunate and vulnerable, disregarding the atrocities and lessons of the past.”

Pre-order the album here.

Posted by on August 9, 2018 at 9:59 am

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