Album Review: KATATONIA The Fall of Hearts

Posted by | May 23, 2016

A winsome collection of lilting prog and impassioned melodies, The Fall of Hearts takes us even further afield from the metal scene than usual for a latter era Katatonia effort. Relying more than ever on acoustic space and lightly amplified instrumentation, distorted guitars only occasionally pierce through the otherwise contemplative soundscape

| May 23, 2016

CD/DVD Review: KATATONIA Last Fair Day Gone Night

Posted by | October 16, 2014

Katatonia have been in a reflective mood of late. After retooling their 2012 album Dead End Kings on last year's Dethroned and Uncrowned, the band return not with a new album of studio material, but instead an expansive package collecting full-length live performances of albums Last Fair Deal Gone Down and Night Is the New Day. While the former is often considered the band's masterpiece, the latter made the cut solely because it was the most recent album to have been released at the time these gigs were recorded in 2011. Fair enough, but why now?

| October 16, 2014