Album Review: TESSERACT Polaris

Posted by | September 14, 2015

With three solid vocalists in their studio recording history, there's arguably one voice that can be considered the most definitively fitting for TesseracT. Not to belittle vocal replacements Elliot Coleman or Ashe O'Hara in any decree, but a certain charisma and signature style was missing. Since the announcement of a full-length studio album with the reunion of Daniel Tompkins, curiosities and expectations have been stacking up to pedestal heights.

| September 14, 2015

Album Review: FEAR FACTORY Genexus

Posted by | July 30, 2015

When you hear Fear Factory, you know it’s Fear Factory, when you hear subpar Fear Factory, you know it’s subpar Fear Factory. What might be more on the shocking side of things for the many who’ve written them off as formulaic has-been geezers fronted by a dude who, a couple years ago, was having trouble hitting notes with his signing voice in a live setting, is how well put together the material comprising Genexus is and the overall excellence of the album.

| July 30, 2015