Best of 2014

Drew's Top 15 Albums of 2014

Posted by | December 10, 2014

There are perhaps dozens of albums that qualify, but even as the amount of releases continue to rise, the time available remains inconveniently constant. So with that in mind, the 15 albums below best represent the year in music as I see it

| December 10, 2014

Album Review: TORCH RUNNER Endless Nothing

Posted by | October 10, 2014

Some things are over as quickly as they began. Or so they seem. Like a great day that just goes by too quickly, I find myself staring at the screen repeatedly, wondering how long its actually been since I hit play on Torch Runner's latest dynamite display Endless Nothing. And at the volatile speed this movies at, it's anything but endless.

| October 10, 2014

Album Review: YOB Clearing the Path to Ascend

Posted by | September 9, 2014

Hailing from the “if it ain’t broke…” school of thought, Mike Scheidt continues to drive his band YOB to new heights of epic, darkly spiritual doom without consideration for trends, self-consciousness or the whims of fickle consumers. At 62 minutes yet only four songs, Clearing the Path to Ascend rewards the patient while almost deliberately snubbing the ADD set. In other words, a typical YOB album.

| September 9, 2014