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13-Year-Old Drummer Destroys MESHUGGAH's "Clockworks", Gets Shout Out From Tosin Abasi

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Hey look, a non-"Bleed" Meshuggah cover! More importantly though, it's a non-"Bleed" cover performed by 13-year old drummer Alexey Poblete, and performed extremely well. Poblete took on Meshuggah's "Clockworks," which is not only a great song, but a song that definitely tests any drummer's stamina.

Hey, the cover is good enough for Animals As Leaders' Tosin Abasi to give a shoutout too!  Here are some more great Meshuggah parodies, mashups and tributes over the years:

Posted by on January 13, 2017 at 1:42 pm

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  • Gabriel Holden

    Well god damn….

  • Spectreman

    What person tattooed a 13 year old girl??

    • Anne-Marie Noëlle

      It looks like it's henna, not a real tat.

  • Erick Sánchez

    I daresay this song is rather easy to play in a drumset for an adult who practices at least 2 – 3 times a month for a lengthy period of time (as most "djenty" tracks), still though, props to him, at that age I would have been outside hunting chipmunks or sumthin'