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#1 METALLICA Kill 'Em All - Top 10 Debut Albums In Metal

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Metal Injection is counting down the Top 10 Debut Albums in Metal, as voted by you, the Metal Injection junkie! This week we discuss why #1, Kill Em All by Metallica, deserves a spot on the list.

Guest speakers include members of The Black Dahlia Murder, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Nuclear Blast, MetalSucks, Metal Injection, Earache Records, Metal Blade Records and more!

Here is the Top 10 Debut Albums In Metal Countdown:
#9 GHOST Opus Eponymous
#8 MACHINE HEAD Burn My Eyes
#7 MASTODON Remission
#6 THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Calculating Infinity
#5 TOOL Undertow
#4 DIO Holy Diver
#3 Slipknot Slipknot
#2 Guns N' Roses Appetite For Destruction
#1 METALLICA Kill 'Em All

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Posted by Metal Injection on November 15, 2016 at 1:37 pm

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  • Dance for Nihilism

    I approve of this list and this choice for pure trolling reasons.

  • galtenberg

    Obviously disqualified Pantera's Cowboys From Hell, but I don't get why. It would be #1 by a mile.

    Dream Theater I&W would also be here, if "major label debut" was the criteria.

    Dio and Ghost are ridiculously bad choices. But if nothing else, at least you didn't put Korn here.

    • Luis Misscellanio

      Well Cowboys from Hell isn't their debut album technically.
      But you did include that part about major label debut

    • Tan Shearer

      A lot of artists would have no albums then if an album has to be major label in order to count as an album. Cowboys from Hell was their 5th album that is a fact no matter how much they try to hide it. And also Slipknot is their 2nd album not their first.

      • galtenberg

        "A lot of artists would have no albums then if an album has to be major label" –

        You know exactly what I mean, but you enjoy playing dumb, good for you, keep that up, it shows, esp with your nosepicking Pantera and Slipknot 'facts'.

        There are debut albums, and there are demo LPs when a band is scraping just to get attention. Every-fucking-one knows how this works. Maybe even you.

        • Tan Shearer

          No I don't know what you mean. Why would Pantera's earlier albums not count as albums just because they were on a minor label?

      • Derrek Rogers

        Slipknot was their first actual album. Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat was more of a demo/EP.

        • Tan Shearer

          Nope M.F.K.R. was their first album. They only disown it because it sucks and has a different lineup.

    • Big Norris

      Fuck it Dream Theater's When Dream And Day Unite could be on this list as well

  • ghoulsNghosts

    #1, 4 & 7 Belong on this list, however the rest, I just don't see it……or should I say I just don't hear it. No Black Sabbath, Entombed, Death, or Megadeth? I'm blown away.

  • Matt M.

    This list explains a lot. Oh well, it ultimately doesn't matter.

  • God Of Emptiness

    Half of the list isn't even metal, and the other half are entry-level metal bands. Did a 10 year old come up with this horseshit?

  • Luis Misscellanio

    System of a Down!!!!! Should be on here.
    Megadeth and Ozzy.
    All three should replace Black Dahlia, Dillinger, and Ghost.
    Not big on Guns being there but whatever.
    Slipknot should be moved closer to the top as well.
    Also glad to see Machine Head there. Burn My Eyes was fucking good.

    • Tan Shearer

      I love SOAD but their debut was not their strongest album.

  • Tan Shearer

    Slipknot was not their debut album. Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. was not a demo goddamn it!! It was a minor label release with liner notes and all that shit.

  • Rattlhed

    Metallica #1 by far and away, nobody could even touch that. I think The Sword "Age of Winters" should be on the list. And Black Sabbath self titled debut should be #2, with Guns as #3. But that's the fun of lists, nobody is correct (except for Kill 'em All…LOL).

  • Derrek Rogers

    This list is absolute horse shit. GnR isn't even actually metal. Where the hell is Black Sabbath? Or Maiden? I can't even attempt to justify half the list, no way you can put Ghost ahead of the classic metal debuts.

    • EBEN25

      Tesla- Mechanical resonance may as well be on here too, next to GnR

  • EBEN25

    Dillinger Escape Plan, Hilarious.

  • EBEN25

    Why the fuck are there 2 or 3 flaccid bands on this list instead of Megadeth?

  • EBEN25

    Where's Britney Fox on this lame ass list?

  • Clinton

    Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath should be number one on ANY list associated with the metal genre. They are the God Fathers of Heavy Metal, and that release is arguably the debut album from any artist in any genre.