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WORMROT Recording New Album

Posted on January 3, 2011 Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

photo by Justina Villanueva

Yes, yes and YES once more. We slept on this during the holiday break, but it's not too late to report that Singapore's finest grind act, Wormrot will be entering Singapore's TNT Music Productions this month to begin recording the followup to one of my favorite albums of 2010, Abuse, with an expected release in May. The band is just as pumped as I am, as frontman Arif Rot checked in with the following statement:

"We are definitely stoked to get this album out. We are working extra hard on this one. EXTRA FUCKING HARDER THAN ABUSE. We are currently in the rehearsal studio still writing songs and making some minor adjustments and what not. If you are digging Abuse and also from our latest split with I ABHOR, then u might dig the new album. We'll be in the studio for "DIRGE" first week of January. NEW YEAR WITH A NEW DOSAGE OF GRIND!"

UPDATE: The band just posted on their Facebook: "It begins today." Very exciting!

To sample some of the band's new material, check out our audio stream of an entire Wormrot set.

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