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Weekly Injection

THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From WATAIN, SUMMONING, and More Out Today - 1/5

Posted by on January 5, 2018 at 10:50 am

And we're back! The hellscape that was 2017 has ended and we've entered a new hellscape in 2018! Yay, I guess. The first 2018 edition of The Weekly Injection includes a lot of black metal, like a lot of black metal, and (some) more! To the metals…

Shining – X: Varg Utan Flock 

Genre: Black metal
Origin: Halmstad, Sweden
Label: Season of Mist

Shining's Niklas Kvarforth is apparently not a great dude, but the band is still out there releasing music. Here is their latest, and I'm assuming tenth album of black metal with folksy moments. If you feel like you have to have it, I'm sure there are ways to hear it without supporting Kvarforth in the process. It's 2018 and you are reading this on the internet soooo…

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Sinistro – Sangue Cassia 

Genre: Post-metal
Origin: Lisbon, Portugal
Label: Season Of Mist

I had not encountered Sinistro before this, and I find them refreshing. They bring a lot of beauty and melancholy to a post-metal foundation and wind up producing a great sound. I am very curious about their past catalog, as well as the other works of vocalist Patricia Andrade.

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Summoning – With Doom We Come 

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Origin: Vienna, Austria
Label: Napalm

This right here is some epic metal with soaring atmosphere and symphonic elements. There are tinges of grim black metal, but the band seem to be all about folksy battle hymns. It's been five years since their last record and fans will be elated to have their " true guardians of Middle Earth" back. That's a quote straight from their Bandcamp.

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Vile Ones – Teeth 

Genre: Metalcore/Post-hardcore
Origin: Texas/Virgina
Label: Good Fight Music

This band features some chaps from Oh, Sleeper and ex-Scarlet, which means a lot of you are either annoyed that I've included them or have no idea what I'm talking about. In short, this is an EP of melodic and angsty metalcore jams.


Vhorthax – Nether Darkness EP 

Genre: Black metal
Origin: Dzerzhinsk, Russia
Label: Iron Bonehead

Buy it somewhere? Couldn't find a link anywhere…

I don't come across too many Russian bands doing this weekly gig, so I'm already intrigued by these guys. Turns out they creature guttural, evil, dark, and heavy music. Seems about right. A solid spooky EP for those that like their black metal infused with some old school death metal.

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Watain – Trident Wolf Eclipse 

Genre: Black metal
Origin: Uppsala, Sweden
Label: Century Media

There has been a of blackened metal dropping this week, but I'm sure this one takes the cake for most of you. Erik Danielsson and his corpse-painted pals have returned with their first album in five years and it's no-frills black metal madness at its finest. It's a fitting evil and angry soundtrack to greet a year that will surely be a hell of a ride.

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