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Weekly Injection

THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From ULVER, SECRETS OF THE SKY, and More Out Today - 10/8

Posted by on October 8, 2013 at 10:31 am

Weeks like this week are why I love this genre. The offerings are limited, but this is just evidence that there is so much diversity under the "metal" umbrella.

To the metals…

Earthless – From The Ages


Genre: Instrumental Stoner/Psychedelic
Origin: San Diego, California
Label: Tee Pee

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Sometimes you need a break from grown men trying to sound like monsters, you know? And when that moment hits, I highly recommend Earthless for your instrumental pleasure. The band takes the coolest parts of earth Black Sabbath albums and explores them further with lengthy, weed-fueled, blues-based metal. Incredibly memorable jams that are very guitar driven.

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Korn – The Paradigm Shift Korn-The-Paradigm-Shift

Genre: Nu-Metal
Origin: Bakersfield, California
Label: Prospect Park

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This album marks the return of guitarist/Jesus fan Head to the band. So, there's that. In this album, Korn is grasping for their old sound and more or less nailing it. This isn't the one that will bring their fans that fell off after Issues, but for nostalgia's sake it might be worth checking out if you were a fan. If you jumped off with nothing but animosity for the band remain, fuck it. Good news though! Skrillex is nowhere to be found.

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Secrets Of The Sky – To Sail Black Waters 14430_508783752466616_1504838714_n

Genre: Blackened post metal
Origin: Oakland, California
Label: Kolony

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I gotta say, I really undersold this band when I initially reviewed this album last month. This record is an awesome journey through black metal, sludge, progressive and more. I shan't be surprised to see this pop up in 2013 best of lists everywhere.

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Ulver – Messe I.X-VI.X 41YKJwqCDJL

Genre: Ambient/Avant-garde/Electronica
Origin: Oslo, Norway
Label: Kscope

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And now for Ulver  to act as the combo breaker in our almost entirely Californian Weekly Injection. Anyway, this is sorta become what you'd expect from Ulver in that it is entirely unexpected and unique. What was once performed live is being recreated with an chamber orchestra. The result is haunting, yet beautiful. Still not black metal again, so kvlt folks need look elsewhere.

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Also dropping today…

Beaten To Death – Dødsfest! (Mas-Kina)
Ghost Avenue – Ghost Avenue (Pitch Black)
Gypsy Chief Goliath – New Machines of the Night (Pitch Black)
Herrschaft – Les 12 Vertiges (Code 666)
King's Call – Lion's Den (Mausoleum)
Mörkö – Itsensänimeävä (AAP)
Promethium – Origins (Sky Rocket)
Running Wild – Resilient (SPV)
Spiralarms – Freedom (SPV)
Strangelight – 9 Days EP (Sacrament)
The Vision Bleak – Witching Hour (Prophecy)

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