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Weekly Injection


Posted by on February 2, 2018 at 12:46 pm

In a rather modest edition of the Weekly Injection we still manager to get some mighty heavy metal from an OG, some mighty heavy metal from some new(er) blood, a lil thrash, a lil death metal, and a lil more! To the metals…

Broken Cross – Militant Misanthrope 

Genre: Thrash/crossover
Origin: Sweden
Label: Apocalyptic Visions

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Going to start this week with crossover madness from Sweden. The band has a pretty extensive discography from the looks of it on Bandcamp, but this album feels like a pretty solid introduction to them. You'll want to get in a pit, do that angry circle-pit stomp thing, and play patty-cake all night long (what do people do at thrash shows?). Also, look at the pupper on the cover!


Don Broco – Technology 

Genre: Rock/Post-hardcore
Origin: Bedford, England
Label: SharpTone

Don Broco are an interesting collective. Half the time they sound like a (better) Breaking Benjamin sort of radio rock band, the other half varies quite a bit. They explore other sounds quite extensively with moments of funk, electronic, pop, and post-hardcore. Solid riffs throughout, and a pretty interesting listen.

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Genocide Pact – Order of Torment 

Genre: Death metal
Origin: Washington, D.C.
Label: Relapse

Those looking for some dark, low-tuned death metal look no further. This is as about straight forward as you can get in the modern age of this genre. Order of Torment is certainly a sophomore effort that betters their introductory album.

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Lechery – We Are Born Evil 

Genre: Heavy metal
Origin: Halmstad, Sweden
Label: Bleeding Music Records

This is turning out to be a rather diverse week. Neat! Lechery are a band paying tribute to classic metal with harmonized licks, songs about the concept of metal, and so much bombast. And the shredding! The guitar shredding on this! This band belongs in the early 80's.

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Long Distance Calling – Boundless 

Genre: Post-rock/instrumental
Origin: Münster, Germany
Label: InsideOut

Long Distance Calling are a favorite of mine in their genre. So often an instrumental band dabbling in post-rock can be boring. LDC on the other hand manage to create introspective and deep instrumental music, but explore just about every sound and mood in the process. Tremendous story telling without a word uttered.

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Saxon – Thunderbolt

Genre: Heavy metal
Origin: Barnsley, England
Label: Militia Guard

Lechery have the metal tribute metal band thing down, but Saxon basically invented that shit. Thunderbolt sets out to prove that they can still hang, and it proves it quite easily. Like a Motorhead record, you know what you're in for with every Saxon disc, and they delivery for the twenty-second time in over forty years.

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Also dropping today…

Funeral Winds – Sinister Creed (Avantgarde music)
Spite – Antimoshiach (Invictus) – Black metal

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