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Weekly Injection

THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From GHOUL, SEBASTIAN BACH, and More Out Today - 4/22

Posted by on April 22, 2014 at 10:00 am

All too often, I'm given shit for not talking about "the underground." I do my fair share of discussing lesser known band, but this week is almost entirely shit you don't know. So enjoy that, nerds. This week's edition features a ghostly band from the bay, that guy from Skid Row, and shit you don't know. To the metals…

Andromeda – Shock 1798622_679283985469689_1847910202_n

Genre: Heavy Metal
Origin: Vasto, Italy
Label: Southern Brigade

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Right here we have some pretty solid, pretty straight forward heavy metal. There's a bit of a groove metal influence, and a dash of thrash. All in Italian so that's neat!

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Black Tar Prophet – Deafen 406697

Genre: Instrumental Doom
Origin: Nashville, Tennessee
Label: Domestic Genocide

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There's is certainly an audience for this two-man instrumental operation, I'm not sure I can say I'm a part of it. One dude drums and the other plays a fuzzed out low tuned bass. This is what a Death From Ablove 1979 instrumental 45 would sound like if it was playing at 33 1/3 on accident.

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Ghoul – Hang 10 EP Ghoul-Hang-Ten

Genre: Thrash
Origin: Oakland, California
Label: Tankcrimes

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I'm not surprised that this band has affiliated with Gwar, they have a lot in common musically. At times they sound JUST LIKE Gwar. Also, this band dresses in costumes, so that's two similarities. Pretty good all over the place thrash stuff though.

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Harakiri For The Sky – Aokigahara 42669

Genre: Post Black Metal
Origin: Vienna, Austria
Label: Art of Propaganda

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Lots of bands are doing this whole atmospheric/post black metal thing. It's hard to be mad though, because so many bands are doing it well. Aokigahara is a fantastic release for the genre

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Sebastian Bach – Give 'Em Hell 71MosJpEq6L._SL1232_

Genre: Heavy Metal
Origin: Lincroft, New Jersey
Label: Frontiers

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You know what's really weird? For what it is, Give 'Em Hell isn't bad. Sure it's an aging 80's metal guy doing modern rock, but is throwback sound actually makes it work. It's silly, I'll give you that, but it's much better than you'd think. Backhanded compliment not fully intended.

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Skinfather – None Will Mourn 406137

Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Southern California
Label: Streetcleaner

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Straight forward, pissed off death metal with old school style vocals. A few notable publications have caught on to these guys, now it's your turn.

Sample here


Also dropping today…

Creinium – Project Utopia (Inverse)
Eskhaton – Worship Death (Chaos)
Gunpowder Gray – Gunpowder Gray (Boris)
Joe Satriani – The Complete Studio Recordings (Legacy)
Krokus – Long Stick Goes Boom Live: From Da House Of Rust (The End)
Skelethal – Deathmanicvs Revelation EP (Iron Bonehead)
Stuka Party – Schmeiser Smasher (Hammerheart)
Wild – En Tierra Hostil (Sliptrick)
Winger – Better Days Comin' (Frontiers)
Wrong – Pessimistic Outcomes (Xtreem)

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