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Weekly Injection


Posted by on April 22, 2016 at 11:45 am

This edition (written through purple tears) includes a death metal assault, some interesting ambiance, some weird shit and more! to the metals…

Aborted – Retrogore91KUEx6RauL._SL1500_

Genre: Death metal
Origin: Beveren, Belgium
Label: Century Media

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Intense, unrelentingly heavy, and fucking brutal. These words have consistently described this band for the last twenty-plus years, and that will probably never change. Retrogore is a kick in the face of a record that will keep your head banging in line with all things Aborted.

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ETHS – Ankaa517lR2veA6L

Genre: Experimental Metal
Origin: Marseille, France
Label: Season Of Mist

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Not much really surprises me in the world of heavy metal these days. I've pretty much heard every approach to the genre by now. Still, a band like Eths is refreshing. They pull out a lot of twists and combinations I wasn't expecting (like the electronic breakdown or Middle-Eastern influence in "Nihil Sine Causa") to make something pretty great. This is a band truly shaking their stagnate scene.

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Incite – Oppression81KsnJ+sIoL._SL1500_

Genre: Groove metal/thrash
Origin: Phoenix, Arizona
Label: Minus Head

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On their fourth album, Incite don't seem like they're out to tread new ground. Oppression instead feels like a record by a band trying to cement themselves as a consistent one, much like the aforementioned AbortedIf you like modern groove metal that will get a pit going with the occasional drops of some guitar wankage, this record (and all their others) could be your shit.

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Mirrors For Psychic Warfare – Mirrors For Psychic Warfare81HBYXWVi7L._SL1200_

Genre: Folk/experimental
Origin: Oakland, California
Label: Neurot

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Scott Kelly of Neurosis never seems to take a moment to rest. The Metal Archives lists him with nine active projects (which could be a low number). This project may be his most relaxed though. The tracks are very atmospheric and noise driven. It is like if your took away all of Neurosis' distortion, drums, bass, and screams leaving the entrancing void their music seems to naturally create.


Rainbow – Monsters Of Rock: Live At Donington 1980 DVD/CD81OeU9w68FL._SL1500_

Genre: Heavy metal
Origin: London, England
Label: Eagle Rock

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I will typically skip over this sort of stuff. Re-releases or vault recordings don't seem necessary to highlight when there's a ton of new stuff to discuss. There is plenty of worth while releases this week, but I'm digging this cool time capsule of a great band. Also, on the heels of Deep Purple getting into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, this showcases one of the greats that should be in with them, for what that that hall is worth.

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Syberia – Resiliencya1831531618_10

Genre: Post-metal
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
Label: Debemur Morti

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I often feel like many of your post-metal, atmospheric sludge, blah blah whatever bands, could frankly use some vocals. This band isn't one of them. This is a band that knows not to extend an idea for too long, when to come back to an idea without feeling repetitive, and simply how to write great songs. This is one I'll be picking up and getting lost in.


The 69 Eyes – Universal Monsters71Dz6ccM0bL._SL1200_

Genre: "Goth n roll"
Origin: Helsinki, Finland
Label: Nuclear Blast

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In a world where HIM doesn't seem to be doing much (although Wikipedia claims new album in '16, so that's something), The 69 Eyes seem to be stepping into that void of playing music that sounds just like HIM (and later Sentenced). This isn't a bad thing though. This album is melodic, moody, and spooky in the way that is kind of funny. I can't be mad at this band, and I wanted to be.

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Also dropping today…

30,000 Monkies – I Ate Myself To Grow Twice As Big (Consouling Sounds) – Experimental
Autokrator – The Obedience To Authority (Gods ov War) – Drone/doom
Beastwars – The Death Of All Things (Destroy) – Stoner
BoneHawk – Albino Rhino (Ripple) – Hard rock
Braindamage – The Downfall (My Kingdom) – Progressive thrash
Chris Ousey – Dream Machine (Escape) – Hard rock
Dalek – Asphalt For Eden (Profound Lore) – Experimental noise
Darkness Divided – Darkness Divided (Victory) – Metalcore
Devilz By Definition – The Devilution (CDN) – Thrash
Dominhate – Emissaries Of Morning (Lavadome) – Death metal
Elephant Tree – Elephant Tree (Magnetic Eye) – Doom/stoner
The Foreshadowing – Seven Heads Ten Horns (Cyclone Empire) – Gothic/doom
Implode – The Anti Cimex EP (Cramada) – Metalcore
Live Burial – Forced Back To Life (Dunkelheit) – Death metal
Magick Touch – Electrick Sorcery (Edged Circle) – Hard rock
Media Solution – The Prelude EP (Pavement) – Nu metal
Messenger – Threnodies (Inside Out) – Progressive
Minotaur – Beast Of Nations EP (High Roller) – Thrash
Mortichnia – Heir To Scoria And Ash (Apocalyptic Witchcraft) – Doom/death metal
Mutterlein – Orphans Of The Black sun (Sundust) – "Witch wave"
October Tide – Winged Waltz (Agonia) – Melodic doom
Phalloplasty – Necrophagic Funeral Ritual (Redux) (Gore House) – Grindcore/brutal death metal
Putrisect / Scorched – Final State Of Existence (Edged Circle) – Death metal
Reptilian – Perennial Void Traverse (Edged Circle) – Death metal
Sarcoptes – Songs And Dances Of Death (Cimmerian Shade) – Black metal
Star Dancer – Welcome To My World (Star Dancer) – Rock
Svoid – Storming Voices Of Inner Devotion (Sun & Moon) – Black metal
Texas Hippie Coalition – Dark Side Of Black (Carved) – Southern metal
Tombstoned – II (Svart) – Stoner
Various Artists – Brown Acid: The Second Trip (Riding Easy) – Various
The Wretched End – In These Woods, From These Mountains (Indie) – Death metal/thrash
Wytch Hazel – Prelude (Bad Omen) – Heavy metal
Zealotry – The Last Witness (Lavadome) – Death metal

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