TOOL Reveal Producer For New Album

It's all happening so fast. Earlier this week, Tool provided ample evidence they are in the studio, ready to record the follow-up to 10,000 Days.

Even before that, Maynard James Kennan, the one hold out from any sort of album updates, said he's gotten plenty of music from the band and is almost done with "words and melodies" for all but one song. With the band in the studio, they're going to need a producer.

Adam Jones took to social media earlier today to reveal producer Joe Barresi will be the man behind the boards for the new album. Joe was the mixer and engineer on the band's last album, so it makes sense that they asked him to return to the fold. Since then, he's mixed the last Slipknot album, Enslaved, Apocalyptica, Parkway Drive and many more.

Drummer Danny Carey is hopeful that the album will be finished recording by May, and we fans are hopeful too.

Robert Pasbani :
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