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THE RED CHORD Are Still Writing New Material

Posted by on May 25, 2012 at 3:33 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

You heard it hear first… The Red Chord are still writing. You may remember the band released a cock-tease video showing some demo samples a few months ago.

I had a girl who was a giant cock-tease. Bitch would start kissing me, and being a man, I'd obviously be super into it and then bitch was like "not now, why do you always get like this?" Bitch, why you starting something you can't finish? I really wanted to strangle her sometimes

Which brings me back to the Red Chord. The band tweeted this recently: 

Yes there are new songs in the works. Life and other things slow it down a bit. Patience is a virtue.

It's all right there in the tweet. Being the reasonable gentlemen they are, they put things in perspective:

At least we released a record 3 years ago, Necrophagist hasn't put one out in 8! Get on them!

Which brings up a good point. Where is Necrophagist's twitter account? Oh, they have one but it looks like the label runs it. Finally, you're wondering if they have a drummer, well we are reassured that not only do they have one, but he happens to be a nice guy.

At the rate they're going, it doesn't seem like we'll see a new Red Chord record in 2012, maybe 2013?

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