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The Latest Update On The New TOOL Album Comes From MESHUGGAH: "It Is The Best I Heard of TOOL"

Posted by on October 3, 2016 at 11:24 am

Last week, Rob interviewed Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan about wrestling. He was specifically instructed not to ask questions about the new Tool album. I'm guessing that's a pre-requisite of any interview with Tool members, leaving fans to rely on different sources for info, like late night host Seth Meyers.

Reporting on Tool's new album is just fun at this point, because it's interesting to hear all the contrasting information given by different parties. This time around it's Meshuggah guitarist Mårten Hagström, who says Tomas Haake recently spoke to Tool drummer Danny Carey and even heard some music! The interview is pretty poorly translated from a Rocksverige interview, so bear with us.

"Yes, and we have contact with them quite often. I don't know the situation with their disc, but we say this … This is the typical Tool and they are the world's best bands and they are the only band that is slower than we are. I know that Tomas was talking with Danny Carey just before last weekend when he was over in the States and then it was apparently that "well, it'll probably be a while." Last year I was and Tomas and visited Danny in his house, when he was not too long ago had become a father, and then he played the demo material from upcoming plate. It was the demo versions, but it is the best I heard of  Tool, I can say. Then we were like, ' Shoot, then it will probably secure next year! "and it was a little bit hopeful, but now it doesn't seem so long. We'll talk with them in a few weeks when we play with them and Slayer in Sacramento, so then I can pump them a bit. (laughs)"

So the album will be a while, but it's also "in the oven," but it's also "coming soon."  Also, last week on Seth Meyers, Danny Carey confirmed the new album is real…

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So who the hell knows, and frankly who cares. The album will be out whenever it's out, if it's ever out, though I've heard in the meantime some other bands make music to listen to who aren't Tool. So maybe go give them a listen?

[via The PRP]

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  • makbara

    that's it…..it will be out whenever it's out.


    I don't know why but I'm just not excited anymore, I guess it's been so long I just don't care anymore

    • NY NY

      til the new album hits shelves and your among the first in line right behind me to acquire one. :)

    • Lisa Clark-kahn

      But you will be shitting your pants with excitement the day it comes out. like the rest of us

    • Alan Conn

      Well that just means ur not a true tool fan…

  • Korreltje Zout

    5.5 million minutes have passed since the release of their latest album. How many more minutes will it take?

    • Seanchan

      10,000 days

  • Juneauz

    I don't care if I make a fool of myself… I still get excited like a baby whenever I hear "new Tool album".

  • Felchmeister666

    These pretentious asshats are so unbelievably overrated it beggars belief.

    Keenan seems like a truly insufferable cunt…

    • djungus

      Seems almost too obvious, but you yourself in fact seem like a truly insufferable cunt.

      • Alan Conn

        Pretty much what i was gonna say… so thanks man.

    • Chris Kelly

      For sure I wouldnt want to be his neighbour, but then what rockstar would make a good neighbour?

  • coldmetalheart

    Their PR is so tight. A wink, a wry smile, an off-hand comment from a friend… and a million drooling IMNs get hard.

  • Kurt Wagner

    Oh please f…of with that BS. They (Tool) need to show up with some extra balls and show us they're still the shit. My favorite long forgotten band. Fuc…g ballerinas! Cheers everybody

    • Alan Conn

      Why? Why do they need to pander to assholes like u? They can take as long on their art as they like. Theres not a goddamn thing they NEED to do. They do t have to put out any more albums at all… but lucky for us they are. So sit down and shit the fuck up u fuckin asshole.

      • Kurt Wagner

        I like your response :)
        First time I had 'sit down and shit the fuck up u fucking asshole'… hehehe. Just like in the movies… I heard they gonna send dildos to preorders so you guys can suck it until album is released;)…I'm gonna shit the fuck up until THE date and download it and then boldly go where no one has gone before?. You are too serious for this band, at that age…chill!
        And yes, they can stop with writing and producing. They did enlighten us with what they did so far and give us different insights, 'bringing out our hope and reason'… we can't ask for more, right?!

  • lagerbottoms

    "I've heard in the meantime some other bands make music to listen to who aren't Tool. So maybe go give them a listen?"

    I love this sentence :D

    • jonathon schott

      Whoa, whoa, hold on a goddamn second, when did this 'other bands' thing happen? And where the hell was I ?!? $#!+@$$ im allways the last one to find these things out……..

  • Opisgay

    "Who cares?" Fuck you

  • Alan Conn

    Jesus, so sick of peoples negativity and bitching. It will be done when its done and thats that. And it will be amazing. There is nothing wrong w taking time to perfect ur art. Fuck!!! This world is so fucking negative anymore. Idiot fucks.

    • Chris Kelly

      Thats what the bottom half on the internet is for :( Its a trailer for the hidden bits

  • Chris Kelly

    since 10,000 days came out i have: got a degree, moved to a different city, moved house at least 7 times, got engaged, started a career, been on 3 separate road road trips as far West as California and traveled as far East as Romania. I guess I could wait another year or two for Tool to release another album

  • Susan Gale Ballarini

    As far as your comment, I consider it 2 B nothing more than click bait.