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Southern Lord Promises New SUNN O))), BAPTISTS & MAGMA Records In 2018

Posted by on February 1, 2018 at 12:09 pm

Southern Lord is celebrating 20 years as a label in 2018 and has some pretty great records lined up for release. The label has announced the first new Sunn O))) album in three years (who knows where they'll go stylistically this time? Kannon was such a weirdly short album for them), the first new Scream album since 1993 (we're hoping they bring Dave Grohl back on drums), a new album from French progressive act Magma, the first new Eagle Twin album in five years, and the Baptists album titled Beacons Of Faith that still hasn't received an official announcement yet.

You can also look forward to new albums from Centuries, The Primals, Agrimonia, and Jesus Piece too. They end their mini-roster tweet by saying there's still more to come, but even if this is all there was, that's still a pretty damn good lineup!

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