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Relax, Danny Carey Says There Is Still Hope For New TOOL In 2013

Posted by on February 8, 2013 at 11:01 am Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Everybody, myself included, got super bummed out earlier this week when TOOL frontman Maynard James Kennan declared that chances are we will not be hearing a new record from the band in 2013. Well, in a more recent interview with an Australian radio station promoting the band's upcoming dates there, drummer Danny Carey reassured us that there is still hope…

Speaking to The Rock FM, Carey said he doesn't rule out a 2013 release for the new record, saying the band is currently working on it.

Now, Maynard said the reason he doesn't think there will be new TOOL this year is because he hasn't heard any new music yet. But the remaining three members have been working on new material. Carey also revealed that bassist Justin Chancellor was the main creative force behind the writing of this new record. That's certainly intriguing. Could we expect more ambience in this Tool record?

Carey also revealed he is contributing to the score of the new Superman film, Man of Steel with Jason Bonham and 12 other really great drummers. It should be interesting to hear what comes of that.

Here are the band's Australian dates:

SATURDAY 27 April – Melbourne/ Rod Laver Arena (All Ages)
TUESDAY 30 April – Adelaide/ AEC Arena (All Ages)
FRIDAY 3 May – Sydney/ Allphones Arena (All Ages)
MONDAY 6 May – Brisbane/ Entertainment Centre (All Ages)
WEDNESDAY 8 May – Auckland/ Vector Arena (All Ages)

In a related note, what. the. fuck is Maynard wearing in that promo photo?

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