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NEVERMORE Box Set With Rarities Announced, Fundraiser For Warrel Dane's Final Expenses Launched

Posted by on December 21, 2017 at 11:46 am

Nevermore frontman Warrel Dane passed away at the age of 56 years old last week after having a heart attack. Dane was in São Paulo, Brazil recording the follow-up to his 2008 solo album Praises To The War Machine, and now a crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help his family with his final expenses. These expenses include getting Dane back to Seattle and services, as well as a public memorial service. The public service will be held on January 7 at Studio Seven, 110 S. Horton Street, in Seattle.

A box set of Nevermore's entire career is also due out in March 2018. The box set will be all of Nevermore's studio LPs & the one EP, the Year Of The Voyager live album, and a disc of rarities and covers. The aforementioned bonus disc has the following tracklist and pre-orders are currently only available via Nuclear Blast's European site.

  1. Temptation (The Tea Party cover) – The Obsidian Conspiracy session
  2. The Purist’s Drug (Japan bonus track) – The Obsidian Conspiracy sessions
  3. Crystal Ship (The Doors cover) – The Obsidian Conspiracy sessions
  4. All The Cowards Hide (Japan bonus track) – Dead Heart In A Dead World sessions
  5. Chances Three (Japan bonus track) – Dead Heart In A Dead World sessions
  6. Love Bites (Judas Priest cover) – The Politics Of Ecstasy sessions
  7. Termination Proclamation (Live in London 2010) – previously unreleased
  8. Your Poison Throne (Live in London 2010) – previously unreleased
  9. Emptiness Unobstructed (Live in London 2010) – previously unreleased
  10. The Obsidian Conspiracy (Live in London 2010) – previously unreleased
  11. Dead Heart In A Dead World (Demo 2000) – previously unreleased
  12. We Disintegrate (Demo 2000) – previously unreleased
  13. Insignificant (Demo 2000) – previously unreleased
  14. Engines Of Hate (Instrumental Demo 2000) – previously unreleased
  15. Acoustic Instrumental (Demo 2000) – previously unreleased

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