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Good News: TOOL Putting Out A New Release This Year; Bad News: It's Just A 21st Anniversary Repackaging Of Opiate

Posted by on February 25, 2013 at 12:22 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

I got very excited when looking in my inbox and finding a press release for a new Tool release. Of course, Tool said they'd be putting out a new album this year, until Maynard crapped on that parade so I was like "wait a minute??" Turns out the band is celebrating the 21st anniversary of it's first release, the Opiate EP, with a limited release of handcrafted special edition EPs.

The release will come on March 26th and feature new packaging art directed by recently engaged guitarist Adam Jones.

The anniversary edition is limited to 5,000 copies and features art direction by Adam Jones, illustrations by legendary artist Adi Granov and design packaging by Mackie Osborne, who has collaborated with TOOL on many albums including 10,000 Days, Lateralus and Salival as well as posters and merchandise.

The 5,000 copies will be broken down as 5 x 1,000 runs with each set featuring a variation of the exterior graphics and included bonus items which include a new stereoscopic image for fans to use with their glasses from the 10,000 Days packaging.

The packages will only be available on Tool's official website on March 26th. There will be a limit of 3 purchases per person.

The press release had no mention of new music but I still have my hopes up.

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