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GOJIRA Officially Recording New Album, Signed With Roadrunner Records?

Posted by on November 7, 2011 at 2:15 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

While we still haven't gotten the promised Sea Sheapard EP that Gojira has already completed, the band has kickstarted the recording of another full-length record. Hey, I don't care if we get new Gojira music in EP form or LP form, just give me some new tunes. That one track was just a tease. The big question is, who is funding Gojira's new record, and who is working behind the board? We have answers:

According to a Facebook posting on the Spin Recording Studios page, the band is in their studio with producer Josh Wilbur (of Lamb of God fame) working on a release for Roadrunner Records. That's right, Roadrunner. Gojira have hit the big time!

A congratulations is obviously in order for the band, as they deserve all the success that comes their way. But with success comes an enormous amount of pressure, as the band will very much be expected to push a ton of units if they're going to have that red RR logo slapped on all their CDs. Personally, I think if anybody is up to the task, it's these crushing Frenchmen. I can't wait to hear new Gojira! Here are some more photos from the studio courtesy of the band's Facebook page: