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SYSTEM OF A DOWN To Release A New Album in 2017

Posted by on November 9, 2016 at 1:16 pm

It's been nearly 12 years at this point since System Of A Down has done a new album, but the wait for new material has finally come to an end!

Update July 2017: Looks like a new album is not happening right now.

In an interview with Kerrang! Magazine, by way of Lambgoat, System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan says the band currently has about 15 new tracks written for a new album. The band has recently been posting a lot of teases on social media of them jamming and, now we can assume practicing new material. This was reinforced by the band booking live dates, but now we know that that isn't the only thing that's been going on.

"I want everyone on board and feeling good about it, that's what we're trying to accomplish right now. There's a tremendous amount of pressure on us, though, because it's been 11 years – at least 12 by the time it comes out. Our playing ability is better than it ever has been and we're trying new things. We're not trying to make 'Toxicity' Part II, just because it was by far our biggest album. This needs to be something for a new generation of SOAD fans, so everyone can see we're not resting on our laurels."

I'd assume we can expect a 2017 release, given Dolmayan's math. It'll be interesting to hear the new material considering how long it's been since the band's last release, and the portrayal of the political climate of the world right now in Serj's lyrics.

Speaking of Serj, the man himself tells LA Weekly that he's not 100% sure that the new stuff will be System Of a Down music. It's worth noting that the LA Weekly article was published on November 8, and the Kerrang article was published on an unknown date (though Lambgoat quoted it on November 9).

"We're going to get together and see if that's going to be System music or not. And who the fuck knows? If it is, great, and if it's not, then great."

So Serj says maybe, Dolmayan says yes. I guess we'll see what happens? Dolmayan's statement seems extremely definitive.

Update July 2017: Looks like a new album is not happening right now.

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  • Michael Van Winsen

    This is by far the best news I've read in a very very long time! Excitement is an understatement to this!
    One thing I do want to ask, will the amazeeing System Of A Down becoming to South Africa? Cause I would sell my liver to be at that show!
    And if that dream of experiencing their show had to come true, please please bring along Tool.
    I'm sure the artists that has been to this amazing country of ours (South Africa) would back us up in saying when we rock, we rock hard and proper! There are true fans here that dream and hope we will one day be blessed to experience the true artists of rocknroll!
    I'm looking forward in anticipation for the release of their new album.
    Thank you for the best news I've had this year.

  • Donald Tramp

    Keep Malakian away from the vocals and we're onto a winner.

    • Alex

      Yes, please.

    • John-Vidar Antonsen

      I personally love the dynamic it made on the last two albums.

      • oOo


    • Matthew Mendez

      Needles is the only song I liked hearing him on

      • Ridiculous

        He basically wasn't in it…at the end if not somewhere mixed with the main vocals…
        Though I would like to mention Cigaro…

        • Matthew Mendez

          "I'm sitting in my room, with a needle in my hand, just waiting for the tomb of some old dying man"

    • Thales Alexandre

      Lonely Day, Soldier Side, Lost In Hollywood…What about these?

    • Just Sayin Nigga

      Yes he sounds much too whiny and chickish. We need those manly vocals!!!

    • Adam Wilson

      C'mon, Malakian can hold his own. The songwriting isn't there for Scars on Broadway but he carried that album well.

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      no he is great

    • Felippe

      The entire malakian solo album is awesome.

  • John-Vidar Antonsen

    It's finally happening. After years of maybe's they are finally getting somewhere. My body is ready.

  • Joemama

    Am I the only one thinking ew and no thanks to a new system record? I mean come on really..mezmerize Was that good it left you wanting more? No thanks. Hang it up.

    • Paul

      you shut your whore mouth

    • BenMazalan


    • This clown^^^^^^^^

      Yea you're the only one. Now get lost

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      you are literally the only one

  • Federico De Luca

    So if it is not SOAD music what can it be? Really don't get that :D

    • Use your brain budzy

      Its because their music is always hyper and up and down like a crazy person but im sure they are all very mellow now so we can expect a mellow record.

  • Jacob Sever

    But Toxicity Part II is exactly what I want.

    • Suzy Ramirez Rios

      My point exactly! No more rubbish new music. Im trying my hardest to stay away from that. I might become normal

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      is a bad idea

  • ossimer

    This is about the only good news I've heard this entire year..awesome

  • System Of My Nuts!!!


  • Kamron Khannakhjavani

    Man this album is gonna blow

  • Sonar Subs

    WAKE UP! Grandma puts on a little makeup!

  • fluffy doge

    Fucking amazing! Some great news after the recent clusterfuck.

  • Suzy Ramirez Rios

    Nooo pleas don't change your sound to fit in for these new fans… Im trying to stay away from all this rubbish new music. Can't stand it. Im 29 and my children know all the songs in Toxicity.

    • Spyro

      But Mesmerize and Hypnotize were both pretty good albums, even though they were miles away from Toxicity sound.
      Gotta admit I have high expectations from that band, especially after 11 to 12 years, but i'm excited to see their new contents. I really love how they are constantly evolving and bringing a new experience in every album.

      • cipnrkorvo

        Yes their 2 last albums were great as well! It's shit that people ask of bands to produce the same style. if bands want to evolve, feel like making new stuff then that's just what they should do.

  • Daniel

    Who da faq are you!? Get out scammer!! You are very unwelcome here…

    And I don't care what comes out in the end, as long as it's from SOAD :) (but better be gooooood)

  • Ramariot


  • ecynn

    SOAD's lyrics from their next album : " They're trying to build a prisoooon !!! They're trying to build a prisoooon !!! They're trying to build a prisoooon !!! For Hillary to live in !!! "

    • Xavior

      Hahahahahaha! Yeah, that's hilarious, but considering Serj's political leanings, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting to hear him sing against liberal causes.
      Nevertheless, I can't wait to hear SoaD live or on my headphones (cranked up to "deafen") playing some new music.
      Loooooong overdue. They never should have gone on hiatus. And Serj needs to be the only one doing primary vocals. Malakian (or however he spells it) needs to stick to backup vocals and writing the tunes. Serj is the man with the range and the voice!!

  • Jerome Radosh

    If they hurry they can beat Tool……

    • grenadeh

      They don't even need to hurry. I don't think Tool is actually in the studio, whether they say they are or not. Whether other bands say they have heard the new songs or not lol.

    • Justin Wertz

      Wait another 10,000 days.

      • Gabriel Villalobos Arce


    • lol'd more than I should've

  • David Tomasello

    I'm thinking the record is D.O.A. at best. there done

  • Aaron Goldesberry

    The first album will always be my favorite. Toxicity was awesome to but those albums i think are what made System and what they should sound like. That rebellious fuck the system metal. New music sucks. Fuck new. If it's not broke don't fix it. Serj, you are the singer and that's the way it should stay. We need more metal in the world like what you guys, slipknot, American head charge, otep, mudvayne, stereo mud and korn helped create. Maybe it will help depussify this new generation. Maybe?

    • Ted Shekeler

      Pretty much every one of those bands you mentioned were the problem with music.

      • grenadeh

        Slipknot was fucking brilliant. They took Slayer and turned it into weird rapcore that was actually really good. Mudvayne was fucking brilliant – some of the tighest, most technical and well constructed songs in all of metal. Korn was great in the early days. I can't say much for AHC or Otep or Stereo Mud but to say they were "the" problem with music is fucking ignorant.

        • Richard Sinclair

          Slipknot wasn't "brilliant" by any means. Hell, a lot of the sound their sound had already been done years earlier, a la Mushroomhead. Mudvayne's first album was great, I mean, I thought it was fan-fucking-tastic, but following albums were okay at best. I was never into Korn, AHC, or Stereo Mud, but Otep was fantastic as well. As fantastic as some of these bands are, they need not be worshipped. They're not THAT good.

  • Holeybartender

    Awesome, can't wait.

  • TokiSmoki

    The hype is thickening!

  • Serj literally says it's not confirmed in the article.

  • Olmtrynet

    I'll give you $150 if you bash your own head in with a rock..pr minute

    • Edwin

      Seriously I see these spam comments everywhere on this website. I don't get why the admins don't block them.

  • Olmtrynet

    I see the need for marketing and updating, but bands that goes so long without releasing should really really be careful about hyping their new product

  • stupid_sleazoid 2

    fuck toxicity2, steal this album again!

  • Mitchell

    11 farking years 11 farkkkkkkkkking yearrrrrrrrrs, fark me. I cant believe it 11 years, fuck, fuck, I didn't honestly think it'll fucking happen. Well if its for a new generation of fans, serj, die your beard, makes you look old, you need to look young for um hmm us fans in our 20's oh and yes those new teenagers. In the mean time, while we wait, how about the FULL studio version of guns are loaded Daron, for the current scars on broadway fans ? ? ???????????????????????????? ? ? ??? ?? ? ?? ?

  • BB Allin

    I'd rather hear Linda Rondstats version of reign in blood than this horrible excuse for a metal band. I listened to toxicity once, got the sheet music and nailed every riff in less than a day. My girl thought I was guitar Jesus. I broke up with her for being musically ignorant. Foreigners need to beware of president Trump

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      your account has been reported

      • BB Allin

        To who? The shitty riff police? The horrible vocals authority? This is trumps America, I'm allowed to hate anything I want. Especially foreigners

      • BB Allin

        Oh shit! La migra is on the way because I made a topical and racist comment. It's an internet first! Go ahead and report me to the "don't give a rat fuck" authority while you are at it.
        PS everything you love is stupid

    • Ted Shekeler

      Does it still hurt that Hillary lost even after rigging everything?

      • BB Allin

        Not to me. I didn't vote for the crooked bitch. Why do you imply that it hurt to begin with? Do I strike you as a liberal? Do I have a medical marijuana card hanging out if my skinny jeans?
        If you want to start a battle of the wits, you are unarmed and unprepared.

    • Dark SAN

      Who fuckin' cares about your girlfriend?

      • BB Allin

        You do. That's why you read my comment, then replied.

        • Dark SAN

          No. I was reading other comments, and yours appeared. The fact that I replied your foolish comment doesn't implies that I care about your life.

          • BB Allin

            Why was my comment foolish? I shared my opinion and provided a real life case of SOAD disappointing me. You, on the other hand, resorted to vulgarities and personal attacks. This is why I feel your death will be both rewarding personally and beneficial to society as a whole. Don't forget to fuck yourself, you gosh darned goof

          • Dark SAN

            Dude, you are the one that's concerned, you replied my comment three times in a row, lmao.

            I better than you? I guess you forgot 2nd grade grammar too.

          • BB Allin

            I'm very concerned. People like you are wasting oxygen that could be used on rats. Do me a favor. Die. Quickly.
            PS. That band still sucks at music and life in general. Consider yourself trolled

          • Dark SAN

            Trolled? Hahaha OMG, a person in the internet told me to die, that's totally the best troll in the world hahaha. (Sarcasm)

          • BB Allin

            I'm being serious. Die. Please. Oh wait, that was meant for someone else. I love you and cherish your every thought. I'm sorry

          • Spyro

            lmao. Because SOAD's riff are easy to play doesn't mean they're bad lol. They prove that you don't need something complicated to do great music. And if you really need something special, then listen to the lyrics and learn the meaning from them : Serj talks a lot about society, politics, religions, genocides… Well, actuality in general. They're still genius. Rare are the bands that sings about true things nowadays.

            Btw, every guitar beginner needs to learn with easy riffs, SOAD is a good "School" for learning guitar. That's kinda how I started learning lol.

          • BB Allin

            Doesn't implies? See, you are so worked up and concerned about my existence, that you forgot 2nd grade grammar. Either that, or you are an imbecile. Nonetheless, face the fact that I better than you. In every way.

          • BB Allin


    • grenadeh

      Yea you aren't cool. Some people have lives and don't sit around and play guitar all the time when it isn't their job.

      • BB Allin

        I'm a touring musician and have plenty of reasons to make a judgement on songwriting and technique.
        Oh and I agree, I am as uncool as they come. Never tried to be cool, just studied guitar at the conservatory for 5 years because I love it. I also own a business. Wow, a job and a skill! I know it may shock you but some people are successful and do what they love

        Save your judgements for your own situations ma'am

  • Big Norris

    Serj has an old man turtle neck, the drummer is morphing into Vince Paul, and the other two are wiggers.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    thisis great, i am sure it will be a masterpiece, but this is wrong: "This needs to be something for a new generation of SOAD fans" no, it needs to be everybody, not just for people who doesnt know the band

  • Lawabidingcititzen

    Why does it say "confirmed" if the article's last paragraph talks about how it's not confirmed. Deception.
    If we see anything. It won't be until summer 2017 and hopefully a u.s. tour will happen.

  • grenadeh

    If this ends up anything more like their first album, I will be very pleased. Even so toxicity was fucking great. Really all of their music is fucking great. I hope to hear some more shit like Snowblind or Metro or anything from Steal this album! too.

  • Xavior

    Nevertheless, I can't wait to hear SoaD live or on my headphones (cranked up to "deafen") playing some new music.
    Loooooong overdue. They never should have gone on hiatus. And Serj needs to be the only one doing primary vocals. Malakian (or however he spells it) needs to stick to backup vocals and writing the tunes. Serj is the man with the range and the voice!!

  • Sam Azatyan

    So exited.One of my favorite bands,i've been waiting for this.

  • Piero Minaya Rojas

    Well, I thought they wouldn't release a new album until Half-Life 3 would be released

  • Daniel Leon

    F##k yea! Seen them in concert 7 times love all thier tracks blasting in my ears! They are my favorite band of all time! Live in concert they are the best! Particularly when they played at the greek. Seen other people mentioning tool as well. I f##kin love them too. Would be the perfect concert!

  • a


  • BlurredScreen

    I'm so excited…