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tr00 and False

tr00 & False: What sucked and what ruled this week.

Posted on November 12, 2007 Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

It’s hard to be tr00. In this new Metal Injection feature, every week, the editors of MetalSucks.net, Axl Rosenberg and Vince Neilstein, will dissect the week’s stories and decide which stories are deemed worthy of the title “tr00″ and admonish all posers who are false and upset the metal gods.


Metalheads everywhere flocked to stores to get the latest installmentof the Guitar Hero saga, ensuring we'll be wasting our time locked upat home until we defeat Slash on expert.

ENSLAVED featured in NY Times (not for raping or pillaging)
In a most un-Times-like move, the indie rock-centric New York Times published an Arts & Leisure cover article on Enslaved, exposing black metal to the masses.

DREAM THEATER, BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, OPETH, 3 make prog-heads check their pants
All 4 progressive bands announced a spring tour together. The collective shock of prog nerdsjizzing on their keyboards made the Internet crash for a few minutes.


V is for Tattoo?
Some girl got the words 'V is for Vagina' from the cover of Maynard's (Tool) side-project Puscifer — "V is for Vagina" — tattooed right above her crotch. What a fucking moron. At least her kids will be learning their ABCs on the way out.

Police in Fargo, ND lured wanted criminals into a trap by promising a pre-show bash and free tickets to the local Ozzy concert, further persisting the stereotype that metalheads are fucking idiots. 30 out of 500 invitees fell for the trick, eradicating their moronic existences from the gene pool.

John Varvatos, the designer who is opening up a high-end fashion store in the former location of CBGB's, attempted to assuage the press by claiming he was all about rock and roll. Fuck you, John.