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KING DIAMOND Wants to Chat

Posted on March 17, 2010

By: Shannon Joy

KING DIAMOND has taken to CovenWorldwide.org to personally address the apparent rumors and speculations that have been surrounding him and the band as of late. The KING describes the unfounded gossip as “way too big to cover in a blog”.

In an effort to address the attacks, KING DIAMOND has decided to take an unorthodox approach for damage control—he wants to call you and clear everything up. Seriously.

"I will set up a Skype account. Any of you can then add me as a contact and from time to time I will out of the blue call some of you up, so we can have a good talk (three or four of us at a time) in which you can ask me anything and I can try to answer, and you can immediately follow up with further questions.”

To put it simply, we will have some cool respectful conversations with each other.”

Anyone interested in chatting with KING DIAMOND can contact him with the info below:

Name: King Diamond – Kim B. Petersen
Skype name: kingdiamond-kimbpetersen
Location: USA

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