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THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Had Basically Every Fan At Their NYC Show On Stage With Them

Posted by on October 17, 2016 at 3:06 pm

Unfortunately, there are not many Dillinger Escape Plan shows left. If you went out and bought Dissociation, it was the last time you bought a Dillinger Escape Plan album on the day it came out while the band was still together. Sad, right? The silver lining here is there is still a chance to catch the band play some gigs, it's one final chance for a lot of really insane shit to happen.

Take the band's show at Webster Hall in New York City, for instance. The show was an event as evidenced by all the footage that surfaced after. For one, frontman Greg Puciato decided to climb on the balcony (still no idea how he got there) and jump off. Thankfully, as multiple clips have shown, Greg made it out just fine:

😱😵😁 🎥 @keiok #dillingerescapeplan #liabilityescapeplan

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One of the more insane jumps we've seen from @dillingerescapeplan, who we already miss.

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Not only is The Dillinger Escape Plan absolutely crushing it, but at the end of the gig, as they poured through "Sunshine the Werewolf" into "43% Burnt," half the fucking venue is up on stage with them. If there's anything that can be said about Dillinger, it's that there will never be another band like them.

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  • Greg Bourne

    One of the best concerts I've ever been too. My first time seeing Dillinger and I guess the last time too. Their whole set was intense and chaotic. I ended up getting on stage during Sunshine and was hanging around in front of Liam. As you can see from the videos surfacing there was even a pit on the stage, truly incredible show.

  • Billy D.

    I cut this video of the show from footage I shot. All the Dillinger high flying maneuvers are present, including stage diving on the crowd on the stage.

    Great "final" show at Webster Hall. (I'm still hoping this tour does at least one more run through the US.)


    I would totally grab Greg Pucciato's dick

  • Chad

    Seeing them on the 25th in Seattle , can't fucking wait. I've only seen them once before a few years back in a TINY venue and it was crazy.