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Shocking Revelations

Photo Surfaces of Phil Anselmo Drinking White Wine Lemon Flavored Vodka During Dimebash, Not That It Changes Anything

Posted by on January 29, 2016 at 8:05 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Update: Turns out that picture actually features Phil drinking Deep Eddy Lemon-Flavored Vodka, not white wine as originally assumed, as spotted by MetalSucks. THE PLOT THICKENS! Original story follows

UPDATE #2: Anselmo has since posted an apology video for his actions. Watch the video here. Original story follows:


When Phil Anselmo decided to comment on the controversial live footage in which he is seen shouting "White Power" and giving the nazi salute, he blamed it on having too much white wine backstage.

Earlier today, Robb Flynn posted a video message blasting Anselmo's actions and revealing that he did not see any white wine backstage the night of the show. Well, turns out there is actual proof. Here's a photo posted to the Instagram of the Dimebag Darrell's longtime girlfriend, Rita Haney, clearly showing Anselmo with a bottle of white:

Does it excuse his actions at all? No, they do not. But there was definitely white wine back there.

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