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Ivan Moody Hospitalized Forcing FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH To Cancel Australian Dates

Posted by on March 31, 2016 at 11:27 am Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Five Finger Death Punch had the opportunity of a lifetime, opening for Black Sabbath on their final string of dates in Australia. Unfortunately, that won't be happening.

The band was forced to cancel all of their Australian shows after Ivan Moody was reportedly hospitalized in Denver. It is currently unknown why Moody is in the hospital. Live Nation sent out the following announcement about the band's cancellation:

Last Thursday, Five Finger Death Punch singer Ivan Moody was hospitalized in his hometown of Denver. He is expected to make a full recovery but it is with deep regret that Five Finger Death Punch will be forced to cancel their appearances in Australia, both with Black Sabbath and as headliners in Sydney and in Melbourne.

It is especially disappointing to Five Finger Death Punch that they will not be able to play before Black Sabbath, a band Five Finger Death Punch has deep reverence for, on Black Sabbath’s last ever shows in Australia.

Ivan and Five Finger Death Punch express their sincere apologies to both their fans and to the fans of Black Sabbath.

Refunds will be available for the band's two headlining gigs in Melbourne and Sidney. But why is Moody in the hospital?

It would be easy to jump to conclusions and assume this has to do with his past history of substance abuse, including the famous onstage metldown a few years ago and claims of domestic abuse, but Moody has been staying out of trouble as of late. Perhaps it's something else? As soon as we find out, we will let you know.

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  • Brian Hadfield

    Back off Suicide_Note. Don't you dare speculate.

  • carlos spicy wiener

    who cares,ivans just another dumb little singer with zero stage presence in a label manufactured hack unit that sounds like every other yell scream yell soup sandwich band. its not his band in the first place, and i told that guy 9 years ago this would happen,its called karma you little ego snap case freak,it's bad enough you're a flaky melt down wife beater that cancles every other other show because youre hung over or too shit faced to deal with real life,but to lie about you're mom dying,and walk off stage because youre actualy hammered instead…,that's low as fuck,karmas knocking on you're door buddy.just as you're infamous lyrics go…."Every thing I touch turns to ashes,slips right through my hands"!, yup you definitely know how to right out you're own fate. now who won the war punk!!!! i feel for the bass player though,great dude and even better bass player. hes needs a better band with originality and substance for sure. Just sad.

    • Badass

      No one gives a fuck about your opinion so keep it to yourself

      • carlos spicy wiener

        Blah blah blah,it's safe to say that it's a 1 in 5.8 billion chance you even know some one who knows some one etc etc etc that knows mr. Moody. I knew him along time ago way before dangerous toys,motor grater etc. So most of what I said is fact not opinion.but stated as it would b in opinion. So you can take YOU'RE sorry ass worthless waste of oxygen opinion and burn you're self alive, and don't forget to duct tape all the over priced ffdp cds u wasted you're minimum wage hourly money on to you're burnt corpse. Then have some one re light you.
        END OF LINE ….ZERO!

  • Steven

    You have an opinion but no one gives a fuck about it so keep it to yourself you punk

  • belfour1

    Get well Ivan see you again on tour soon bro. Looking forward to the new album