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Chris Holmes: Lemmy Wanted To Die On Stage, Like Dimebag

Posted by on January 7, 2016 at 1:23 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

It's been a little over a week since Lemmy has passed and we already have some very inappropriate comments to discuss from former WASP guitarist Chris Holmes. You may remember Holmes blamed black culture on ruining heavy metal, which is why he sold his piece-of-shit car and moved to France. In the process, he created the best/worst music video of 2015, "Born Work Die,"  actually two if you also count the equally amazing "Let It Roar."  Seriously, it's a masterpiece.

Holmes is already off to a great start in 2016, offering an interview to Swedish news site UNT which had some very bizarre quotes about Lemmy. For example, he claims he offered to join Motorhead but Lemmy didn't want him in the band because he would feel overshadowed by Holmes and his tall stature:

Lemmy is dead so I can say this now. I was born in LA so I know everybody. I know the drug culture there real good. Methamphetamine is a drug that I used to do. I haven’t done it for two years but it’s the only drug I enjoyed doing. I hooked Lemmy up in ’91 the first time when he got here. By the time I was married to Lita Ford and we were driving Lemmy somewhere, I think he was looking for furniture for his apartment. Würzel (Michael Burston) and Phil (Campbell) were in Motörhead then so I went: “Throw Würzel or Phil out and let me be in your band!” He looks at me and says: “Chris, are you serious? I wouldn’t play with you for a second.” I got so mad and said: “I’m easy on the road.” Lemmy looks at me again and says: “It’s not about what you’re like on the road. It’s about what you’re doing on stage.” Then I got even madder and he goes:“Let’s say for instance that I was in the middle of a verse. You would probably be standing right in front of me.” I thought about it and he was absolutely right. Especially if he told me not to do that. I’d have to do it just to piss him off. What he meant was of course that he didn’t want me overshadowing him.

First off, while Lemmy made no secret of his love of amphetamines, the guy was barely dead a week and you're telling stories about how you helped him score? Secondly, this quote is so absurd, and MetalSucks put how absurd it is into full perspective: "how could you possibly think Lemmy was worried you’d overshadow him? Lemmy was Lemmy!"

But that wasn't even the dumbest thing Holmes said, while talking about Lemmy's cancer he actually fucking said this:

Too bad he didn’t die on stage. That’s probably where he would have wanted to die. Like Dimebag.

mind blown

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