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Today in Satanism: Flight 666 Safely Lands In HEL On Friday, The 13th

Posted by on January 13, 2017 at 12:43 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

In a story that would certainly make Lucifer himself giggle a bit, Finnair flight AY666 took off today, Friday, January 13th for HEL – that's Helsinki airport.

The Daily Mail reports the flight went off without a hitch:

The Finnair flight AY666 took off from Copenhagen at 12.15pm today and was expected to land in Finland at 3.50pm. Although it got off to a bad start as the jet, which also happens to be 13-years-old, took of a minute late – it landed safely at its destination even making up nine minutes.

As Flight Radar 24 pointed out, whoever sat in row 13 must've felt extra lucky:

The airline told Daily Mall that the AY666 is most popular when flying on Friday the 13th. Coincidentally, the plane itself is 13 years old. No word on if there were any 13-year-olds on the flight at the time of landing.

Satan must be pleased.

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