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Album Review: SYBERIA Resiliency

Posted by on May 11, 2016 at 3:06 pm

The whole post metal thing has interested me for a while now and there certainly is a lot to pick apart in a genre that is so goddamn pretty. That's the beauty of a record like Resiliency it is an album that revels in the atmospheric, ambient power that this kind of music can have. Syberia tap into something greater than themselves here, and this is an album that takes organic, jam oriented structures and infuses them with a sense of poetry. It's an album that sounds absolutely immense and the deeper that you dig into it the harder you fall in love. Why? Because Resiliency is such an epic statement that every listen sees you pulling back yet another fascinating layer. Like a really good movie or a brilliantly written book, there is a ton of stuff to unpack here, far more than could be done in a single review. What I do want to impress upon you though, dear reader, is that Syberia are more than just another post metal band. They are taking the promise of the genre to new, more beautiful heights.

Similar at times to their peers in bands like Alcest or even So HideousSyberia do not shy away from embracing shoegaze elements in their sound. Resiliency is one of those records that has parts that seem to be there only to sound pretty – an element that, while fascinating and certainly easy to dig in to, can also limit the forward momentum of the band. The track "Hiraeth" for example seems to meander a bit too much, leaving me wondering what would happen if the band was willing to trim things down a little. That being said, part of the appeal of Resiliency is that it is deeply meditative and will make you want to just take time to rest in the sound. There is something strangely reassuring about the gentle pulse of the music and the way that it tugs at the heartstrings, reminding us that despite the darkness we might face daily there is still some hope in this world.

I could see myself getting way too obsessed with this album, and maintaining some degree of journalistic separation from the music is a bit of a struggle for me. Resiliency is simply that goddamn good. The sheer power of this album shines through in the quality of the compositions and wandering through the lush soundscapes that Syberia have crafted here is strangely addictive. That being said – you need to remember that Syberia is more than just a metal band, they seek to incorporate a bit of everything into their sound, and by and large they succeed. Beautiful to a fault, this is the kind of album that proves to me that metal has a huge potential mainstream appeal. Organic and viscerally heavy, all I can do is wonder what will happen as the band evolves. There is so much potential for growth here and a ridiculous amount of talent being tapped into. If you're going to listen to one instrumental post metal record this year, it had goddamn better well be this one.

Score: 8/10


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