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Quick Review: FUCK THE FACTS Amer

Posted by on July 11, 2013 at 3:28 pm

The fine lads over at Fuck the Facts kindly – yet casually – dropped this seven song, 16 minute nugget on an unsuspecting public a little under two weeks ago. When you're rivaling bands like Agathocles and Gnaw Their Tongues in the productivity department, sometimes you just have to clear the decks instead of waiting on the grinding gears of a record label.

For a band as prolific as Fuck the Facts it may be surprising to realize that Amer is their first release since 2011's career spanning Ten Fucking Years compilation, which was laughably brief at 10 songs/17 minutes… it was also free, a fact that cannot actually be fucked with. Amer is less of a toss off and more of a legitimate EP, so it'll cost you slightly more than that, but you don't want to wait around for songs like "L'enclue et le marteau" and "A Void" to later be anthologized.

It's not clear whether the band is still signed to Relapse – home of their previous LP, Die Miserable – but it's a worthy follow up both in production and execution. If Amer is any indication of things to come, anyone who had Die Miserable on their year end top 10 list should hold a spot for 2013 as well.

Amer is available now via Bandcamp.


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