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Album Review: ORGANECTOMY - Domain of the Wretched

Posted by on May 23, 2018 at 1:23 pm

While technically a reissue, Organectomy are proud to share their Unique Leader debut, Domain of the Wretched. This record is pure slamming, technical death metal. From all-out assaults of shredding instrumentals, grotesque vocals, and fluctuating song structure, Organectomy offers a ferocious delivery of musical violence. The New Zealand act can take much pride in their work throughout Domain of the Wretched, and the sinister atmosphere it presents.

After an ominous and crushing opening, the band goes into full gear on the second track, “Sanctum of Deceit." Blast beats rip the eardrums within the first couple seconds. Guttural vocals spill over the churning guitar rhythm, the bass blasting away. With a mix of tempo shifts and minor transitions in instrumental tones, the track presents a solid opening to the album. “Beckoning the Horrors of the Depths” opens on a brighter twang in the guitar pitch, stringing its way alongside the barrage of drumming. This is another song that also shows the band’s use of variety in regards to speed and tone. There’s an incredible drop that takes place before the halfway point, acting as the first step to the expanding formula. From slower drum and guitar rhythms, to extra heft coming from the bass, the band adds more emotion to their atmosphere.

Vocalist Alex Paul acts as a solid foundation throughout the work, keeping to a consistent murkiness in his voice. Bassist Tyler Jordan expands upon rhythm at times to go beyond constant pounding. But it is drummer Jae Hulbert and guitarists Sam McRobert and Ashton Moore where we see the most dynamic playing. Their ability to add more to the ever-destructive formula keeps each track refreshing and distinct.

Technicality and atmosphere are the primary selling points for Organectomy. While many bands stick to one straightforward method of delivery, Organectomy maintain some form of variation within songs. Delivery may always be your ideal death metal heaviness, but that delivery is never monotonous. It’s moments where the pitch rises, or the tempo drastically drop, where we see how much the band is capable of. All this variation leads to a terrific use of devastation in the music’s atmosphere; there’s a genuine sense of tension and ferocity within the work, powerful enough to get one’s blood bubbling.

“Archaic Infestation” is an instrumental track with even more range in style and sound. Note/chord progression lingers in bright, hazy tones, with the drum pattern changing over time. It’s a more vibrant song with the guitar pitch, bringing in a catchy element to the material.  “Terror Form” continues the tradition of opening up on slamming drums and thumping bass. Compared to other songs, it doesn’t offer anything that new, even though in general it’s a straight up banger. “Entropic Decay” comes out with contorting guitar work alongside ballistic drumming and bass playing. The song includes plenty of tempo shifts and inflections in guitar sound, ending things on an ominous solo.

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Organectomy make for an magnificent addition to the Unique Leader family, bringing in their own brand of onslaught. Domain of the Wretched dig its way into listener’s ears like a hellish infection, and is a contender for heaviest record of the year.

Score: 8/10

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