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Album Review: MAMMOTH GRINDER Cosmic Crypt

Posted by on January 18, 2018 at 11:54 am

The best way to start off any year is with some all-out savagery and aggression, and who better to deliver that than Mammoth Grinder. Featuring current and former members of Power Trip, Iron Regan, and Darkest Hour, this power-house punk, crust, and death metal act is a force to be reckoned with. Now with their fourth full-length LP Cosmic Crypt (Relapse), Mammoth Grinder present the most devastating release of their career.

Cosmic Crypt embodies that pure essence of non-stop aggression and brutality. Opening track “Grimmenstein” takes a brief period to prepare listeners for the oncoming onslaught, all before erupting into a vicious blaze of chaotic choppy blasts and riffs. Along with a vibrant and searing solo, the track bursts into tremendous grooves that lead into the following track, “Servant of the Most High”. Continuing with the rampant drum beats and outrageous riffs, the song keeps to an insane high tempo as the vocals growl, making for a delightfully murky addition that is felt throughout the entire album.

The record does a superb job of balancing all its musical styles; the crust punk production and choppy progression fits smoothly into the ever-crushing death metal presence, presenting a sincerely dark and evil sound. This is all thanks to the great musicianship from each artist, for while there’s so much chaos taking place within the songs, the band members have each found a way to fit their technicality into order, as to present a concise structure for their all-out ballistic nature.

“Divine Loss” starts things off with a slower tempo for just a moment, all before shifting right back into the terrific atmosphere that has been blasting and riding forth since the beginning. Thanks to the pure adrenaline, technicality, and aura of the material, the music always keeps to a consistent high energy, never staling out, and delivering on the savagery. “Human Is Obsolete” is one of the few times where Mammoth Grinder draw out a slower tone, rather than immediately jump into straight forward speed. This doesn’t last the whole track, yet, it offers so much to love, since it still holds onto the album’s sinister atmosphere.

Mammoth Grinder’s Cosmic Crypt is a pure ride of all-out violent instrumentation. The extreme instrumentals meet with an equally powerful vocal presentation to present music that exudes insanity and rage. Upon release after release, Mammoth Grinder continue to show off their top notch musicianship. It’s with this fourth LP that the band display their tightest material, crafting a record that whips, lashes, bashes, and screams with utter devastating bliss.

Score: 8.5/10

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