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Posted by on August 21, 2015 at 2:58 pm

5 years ago, The Devil Wears Prada released the Zombie EP, and it was phenomenal. That one EP is the favorite album of many fans, or at least is held in high regard. I’m sure the band isn’t unaware of that album’s magnitude to their career, so in honor of its 5-year anniversary, the band decided to release another concept EP. If The Devil Wears Prada impressed with you the Zombie EP, you will be extremely happy with the Space EP.

Just as Zombie had the running theme of a zombie outbreak, Space runs on the theme of space…obviously. “Planet A” is a harrowing tale of space exploration to new planets; “Alien” is about an Earth-dominating extraterrestrial; “Moongod”, the perspective of a moongazer; “Supernova”, a love song to a star; and “Asteroid”, the final moments of Earth as a destructive asteroid hurls to the surface. The themes are further solidified with more ethereal sounds and textures than is usually present in a TDWP album, opening the album with radio discussion from a rocket launch, and an instrumental interlude that almost makes you feel like you’re floating in the dead of space. Add the starry album art in the mix, and you have a well-crafted concept album that pulls you right into the imagery and into the world that TDWP has created.

Musically speaking, Space is just as good as any TDWP album. It’s hard to make some good concrete judgments of a band based off of a 6-track EP, but this is still a fantastic album. The musical style is very similar to their most recent full-length, 8:18, as it should be for any good EP. Breakdowns make for the most headbanging of moments, and the clean vocals leading the choruses help make songs catchy and memorable. But the focus of the album really isn’t speed or technicality, and instead is a lot darker and extremely atmospheric. It’s a good representation of where good metalcore is going nowadays.


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“Supernova” is my favorite track on Space with the catchiest chorus and an awesome breakdown in the middle. One little touch I love is that there’s some sort of texture or pad that drones over the entirety of the song and changes along with the song. You don’t notice it unless you’re outright looking for it, and it adds tons of depth to the song that you didn’t know what there. It’s those sorts of details that TDWP puts in their songs that make them over the top, and what makes for a good album.

Overall, the Space EP is yet another great album from The Devil Wears Prada. To be fair, it may not strike lightning as much as Zombie, but it should still be considered as a memorable album from a memorable band. It’s been 5 years since one of their most acclaimed albums was released, and Space just proves that the band only has more to give. At this rate, the next LP is bound to be another hit.

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