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Quick Review: DISSVARTH Between The Light And The Moon

Posted by on March 11, 2016 at 4:13 pm

There is something strangely appealing about dark ambient music to me, especially when it invokes my beloved Mortiis and hints at darker truths that we all must deal with. Dissvarth does exactly that with the weird spacey magic that is Between The Light And The Moon, a largely synth based record coming out via I, Voidhanger that forces you to question your place in reality. As you navigate unique soundscapes and eerie vocals it's hard to deny that Dissvarth are turned on to something greater as you come to realize that this record doesn't push boundaries never before seen or heard.

One thing that really strikes me about Between The Light And The Moon is the bizarre and often atonal vocals that define the record. The dirge-like quality they bring to songs like "Ablaze Of Solar Night" is truly unique but still fits nicely into a black metal polemic. That being said, this record never really fills the relevant criterion to be 'metal' as such, even though I sincerely believe that most metalheads would dig it. The thing is, few bands sound as straight up weird as Dissvarth and while occasionally limiting and alienating it also helps to make this project become strangely endearing.

As you come to the epic closing track, the downtempo and eerie "…Which Dreams Forgot" it bcomes hard to say good bye to an album that resonates so deeply. It speaks to distinctly human elements that I think we all can relate to and understanding the inner sadness represented here is crucial to dissecting an album that makes its name on weirdness. So go out, dig in and feel the pure vibesDissvarth are a one of a kind entity and Between The Light And The Moon can't help but to expand your mind.

Score: 7/10