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EP Review: BLOODTHIRST Glorious Sinners

Posted by on April 29, 2016 at 11:18 am

My first reaction upon seeing the album art for Bloodthirst's Glorious Sinners was that this band must be lost up their own asses in Ghost worship. As I unpacked the record though I was to find this isn't the case. No – Bloodthirst play thrash metal with touches of black and death metal in there to keep things exciting. That being said – while Glorious Sinners certainly is a solid release, nothing about it really made me jump out of my chair and cry 'Oh shit!' This is a solid album for fans of the genre to be sure, but I'm often left wanting more.

Ultimately Bloodthirst's problem is the same one that plagues countless low level metal bands. While their music is certainly tight and their riffs fun, nothing about them especially pops up. Maybe Glorious Sinners at a mere five tracks long isn't enough to win my heart, but outside of a few moments rich with bombast, I ultimately have to look at this record and ask, "Why?" There is nothing out and out wrong about it, so why does Glorious Sinners fall so flat?

So maybe I've come down too harsh on Bloodthirst and all things considered, Glorious Sinners certainly has a couple highly enjoyable, surprisingly fun songs. These guys certainly understand the inherent drama that metal is supposed to have. When they come blazing out of the gate in the opener, "Viper's Nest" you can tell that these guys certainly know how to have a good time. Now we just need to see if they can take a solid basis for their sound and grow it into something truly great.

Score: 6/10