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Album Review: HEAVEN SHALL BURN Veto

Posted by on May 3, 2013 at 5:15 pm

Heaven Shall Burn is a name that is pretty renowned across the Atlantic. They definitely have a good name for themselves in German metalcore; actually, they may have the only well-known name in German metalcore. But with their long career, they’ve been criticized before in sticking with their usual sound in their preceding releases without changing very much. And with their latest, Veto, now released, we can see if this trend of theirs continues.

Veto begins with the headbang-inducing “Godiva” with a tasteful intro showcasing more of the band’s melodic yet heavy side. It’s a great intro to Veto, as it lays out groundwork for what we’re to expect for the rest of the album. HSB fans will note that this is undoubtedly one of their albums; their trademark sound is pretty much all over this album. However, I don't think that's the best thing to say about a band that's been out as long as they have been. I remember the first album I got of theirs was Antigone, released in 2004. And after 9 years, it doesn’t sound like the band has changed much at all. They’ve gotten a bit faster, and maybe are using a bit more double-picking, but other than that, they sound pretty much the same. This definitely won’t be a bad thing to the loyal fans, but the casual observer might not be as enthused with it.

The album itself is also not the most diverse. It mostly faults from rehashing it’s own material on several occasions. Many of the songs begin with the same chord revealed in similar fashions, and many of the rhythms in the guitars seem nearly identical. Breakdown sections in “Land of the Upright Ones” and “Hunters Will Be The Hunted” are also essentially one and the same. Nevertheless, when Veto is good, it is good. “Land of the Upright Ones” and “Hunters Will Be the Hunted” are actually my favorite tracks on the album. There is also a pretty awesome cover of Blind Guardian’s “Valhalla”, following HSB’s trend of including covers on their albums. But with the majority of Veto being just a little too tiresome after a while, it doesn’t make for the most enjoyable experience.

So, for the most part, Veto wasn’t the most exciting release from Heaven Shall Burn. While there are still some moments that shine quite brightly, the rest of the album is rather dull with recycled rhythms and riffs. I would’ve loved to have heard Veto explore some other sounds instead of sticking to their tried and true sound. But in sticking to their tried and true sound, the loyal fans are bound to really enjoy this album. And even if you are a casual fan of HSB, I would still advise you still pick up Veto. I guarantee you’ll still find something awesome in there.


"Hunters Will Be The Hunted"

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