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Quick Bits

DEICIDE album streaming; New CULT OF LUNA track; FULL BLOWN CHAOS mess with strippers; ANIMOSITY down with the clown

Posted on May 12, 2008

> Florida-based death metal masters DEICIDE are streaming their entire new album, 'Till Death Do Us Part on their MySpace page. The album will be released in the U.S. on May 13th via Earache Records.

> Not to be outdone, CULT OF LUNA have posted the title track off their upcoming album, Eternal Kingdom, on their Myspace page. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

> Our brothers from another mother, MetalSucks have posted an amazing interview with our good friend Ray from FULL BLOWN CHAOS. Ray tells a truley fucked up story about a tour stop where a stripper was all too willing to do literally anything to meet Phil Anselmo.

> ANIMOSITY vocalist Leo Miller has posted an entry on the awesome Blackmarket Activities blog about the night that a bunch of clowns out-drew them in Cleavland. Check that out here.

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