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Metal Injection Livecast

METAL INJECTION LIVECAST #87 - The Wall Of Death Is Covered By An AIDS Quilt

Posted on October 6, 2010 Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

This edition of the Livecast featured much conversing about Sean's prostate exam and his anus in general. Also, we learn about Rob's recent trip to Orlando, we got a caller from a repair shop who was only on the phone to pretend to be working leading to us playing Toni Braxton. We also played another edition of Thrash It or Trash It featuring these bands: The Day Is Ours, Acropolis, Malsano, Across The Ashen Sky, Procreator KC, Verlaten, Ne Obliviscaris and Christ Crusher. Here is this week's playlist:

Origin – Algorithm
The Chariot – Before There Was Atlanta, There Was Douglasville
Venom – Black Metal
Celebrity Murders – Bad Credit
Dangers – Neo-Neo Nazis
Failures – Privacy
Psycroptic – Skin Coffin
Defeatist – Storm of Silence
Cannibal Corpse – I Cum Blood

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