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Metal Injection Livecast

METAL INJECTION LIVECAST #123 - Rob's Only Follow Up Is Dessert w/Axl Rosenberg of MetalSucks

Posted by on July 3, 2011 at 3:00 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram


We were joined by Axl Rosenberg on this edition of the Metal Injection Livecast. We start the show taking some calls and then immediately talking about boobs, blog mixers and bukkakke…and it all mixed. Sean tries to remember the call-in phone number. Axl recalls his experience interacting with gay pride parade walkers, and later in the show we bring Mrs. Divatelli back on the show to discuss her experiences at the parade. Sean brings up Rob's interview skills, his silver jacket and his interview with William Shatner. We wrap up the show talking about some Jewish holidays and Rob and 3D's stream of consciousness telling us how they really feel. Here is this week's playlist, picked by 3D:

Wargasm – Ugly Is To The Bone
Helmet – In The Meantime
S.O.D. – Milk
S.O.D. – Pussy Whipped
Pro-Pain – Shine
Skid Row – Slave To The Grind
Body Count – Evil Dick
Beatallica – The Thing That Should Not Let It Be