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The Fans of MARYLAND DEATHFEST As Seen Through My Instagram Feed

Posted by on May 27, 2014 at 12:10 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

One of the biggest North American music festivals of the year happened this weekend, the Maryland Deathfest. I wasn't able to attend due to some personal commitments, but thanks to basically all of my friends and a lot of metal media being there and posting constantly to Instagram, I felt like I was there.

It looked like a great time was had by all and there were certainly a lot of characters. I thought I would compile a post of some of the most awesome-looking metalheads at the fest. I decided to spare you of blurry shots of bands performing, because this seems way more fun.

So, here I present the people of MDF:

The ultimate crowd surfer:

Birdflesh bring the circle pits:

This is what Unleashed does to people:

A happy couple enjoying MDF:

Of course there’s a ton of vinyl:

One of the MVPs of MDF:

He brought a friend:

All animals welcomed at MDF:

How else is a short girl guaranteed to see the stage?

At The Gates were hanging out hard:

Metal Fashion Trend Watch 2014: Hawaii T-shirts with Backpatches:

Metal Fashion Trend Watch 2014: Beekeeper hat, tote and white shorts

Metal Fashion Trend Watch 2014: DEATH Speedos

A moment with Gene The Machine Hoglan, who played with Dark Angel

A competing festival emerges!

A local hanging out with a pair of metal heads

Slayer tramp stamp dude back for another year

Municipal Waste hanging with a fan:

Best Vintage Slayer Tee:

Taake frontman or Sith lord?

Collection of patches:

Most Dedicated MDF Fan:

Best shirt of MDF?

Best homemade shirt of MDF!

Ben from Soilent Green hanging out:

Do these guys smoke?

I would’ve eaten here:

The people of MDF:

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