hour of penance

Album Review: HOUR OF PENANCE Cast the First Stone

Posted by | February 10, 2017

When death metal began in the 80's, it was fresh and innovative. Fast forward to today and I feel as though tolerance has left metalheads wanting more than fast riffs, death growls, and blast beats. Luckily, the tree of death metal grew branches to cater for listeners craving heavy music that pushed the boundaries technically. And while the existence of technical death metal certainly isn't new, I feel that it also holds the same rules of tolerance and a need for progression in the constant dynamics of the metal community.

| February 10, 2017

EP Review: NINE INCH NAILS Not the Actual Events

Posted by | January 10, 2017

I've always found it a tad strange that Nine Inch Nails aren't regularly included in discussions of significant metal bands. While I'd agree that Ministry is the more influential of industrial metal, I'd say NIN had a huge impact, especially for rock fans crossing over to heavier music. Nowadays, I understand how the term "rock" or "electronic" can be more aptly associated with Trent Reznor's music, yet just as Opeth will always be categorized as a metal band, I believe so should Nine Inch Nails and therefore an assessment is warranted for their latest EP, Not the Actual Events.

| January 10, 2017