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Essential Black Metal Listening: DARKTHRONE Under a Funeral Moon

Posted by | June 30, 2017

Darkthrone’s 1993 album, Under a Funeral Moon, represents the true essence of black metal. You can largely determine how you feel about black metal by how you respond to this album. Its 39 minutes of morbid darkness contains everything devotees love about 2nd-wave black metal, and thus represents everything its detractors hate.

| June 30, 2017

Album Review: ISIS - Live VII

Posted by | April 3, 2017

When I sat down to review this, I wasn't sure what there would be to say about an album comprised of live versions of songs from seven years ago recorded a mere three months before the band called it quits. But this brief look into the ISIS canon illustrates why they were one of the most important and innovative bands of the first decade of the 21st century.

| April 3, 2017