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Metal Up Your Ass

Metal Up Your Ass: Justina needs Passover Food

Posted on April 8, 2009

Today marks the first day of Passover. I never knew what the holiday actually consisted of but I knew it meant that the Jewish group at my school was going to have some badass potato pancakes in the student center. Because I've graduated I no longer have such quick access to holy-foods I don't deserve. But, if anyone sympathizes for an always-hungry metal head, e-mail me: Justina@englishwaffle.com. Shit, I'll even settle for pics of your dinner.

Since I know even less about being a jew boy than I do about Passover, I've decided to read Metal Suck's jew on jew interview with Daath's Eyal Levi. Now I know "if you got it between the eyes, you got it between the thighs."


Isis got a Brooklyn partner on tour

Trap Them will play a NYC basement in May to kick off their summer tour with Victims and Black Breath. Today they are playing a NJ basement and I'm going. Jealous?

This tour is in dedication to some chicks that Left to Vanish made us party with in Portland last summer.

Lazarus AD get reviewed

Mikael of Opeth gives us an update about how awesome the South American tours were

Listen to Austrailian radio and Troy Sanders

Barney talks to a Jersey rag. I can't enough of the Napalm Death press.

Amon Amarth's The Avenger is being re-released. And, the Black Dahlia Murder have a DVD coming out [of the closet].

Behemoth and Vader posted studio footage today

Filter Mag reveals the Birth of Slayer

iTunes is letting labels up the price on songs, but people are still not paying for music either way.

Raise your hand if you CAN'T WAIT for this shit show: Dave Mustaine is writing his autobiography

Oh, and Ronnie James Dio is following the ^trend too.

John Campbell (Lamb of God) answers what seems like 102 questions

TADgarden speaks

I think I mentioned this tour already, but in case I forgot. Zoroaster tour dates here.

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