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These Metal/Rap Mashup Patches Are How Alternate Metal Merch Should Be

Posted by on October 14, 2016 at 1:19 pm

You've seen the countless metal-inspired merch articles we've run on here, and frankly, most of the ones I've seen are absolute shit. Beyonce made a pin that rips off Slayer's logo for no real reason, An inexplicable Justin Bieber/Marylin Manson shirt that'll run you $195, and some stupid hoodie that I think costs you your genitals and three teeth or something like that. I'm not saying I'm opposed to pop culture jacking metal, I'm just saying if you're gonna do it, at least make it make sense and be fucking creative it, yeah?

Now an artist who I believe goes by the name James Jirat is selling rap/metal mashup patches, and they're well done. Black Street in the style of Black Sabbath? Eazy E as a Sunn O))) tribute? Doom restyled to be MF Doom? It's fantastic.



Absolutely don't hesitate to grab one here. Maybe he'll do more? We could always use some Aesop Rock, Cage, and Hieroglyphics ones…

Before you go getting offended, just know that even Kreator thinks this is kind of cool:


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