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Metal Merch

THE FACELESS Releases Limited Edition Grinder

Posted by on March 2, 2018 at 11:55 am

Photo by Andrew Bastion

Weed and metal go together like… well, I guess weed and metal at this point, considering the duo has been at least tangentially related to each other since the genre's inception nearly 50 years ago. Over the years bands have released bongs, bowls, grinders, and more, and now The Faceless is the latest in a long line of bands to participate in releasing some weed-themed merch. Though I gotta say, their grinder is pretty nice looking.

The Faceless' grinder is made of maple wood, is 53mm wide, and is laser engraved with the band's logo on the front. If you're thinking about getting one, they're $15 and the supply isn't going to last forever. So get on it!

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