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Hunt Down Beers With This MASTODON Beer Stein

Posted by on January 26, 2016 at 3:03 pm

While you're not able to go out drinking with Mastodon, you can go out drinking with a Mastodon-themed beer stein! The band's Hunter-themed beer stein is 27cm of beautifully dressed up pewter and ceramic, is capable of holding up to 500ml of your favorite beer, and pretty much certifies you to get as drunk as you'd like to whilst holding it.

You can grab the stein right here for $125, which is on par with how much genuinely well-made beer steins cost anyway. The band's site says it's a limited edition stein as well, though there's no indication as to how many were made or how long it'll be made for. Not that you needed another reason to get this fine drinking apparatus, but there you go.

Is it me, or has Mastodon done more with the artwork from The Hunter than any of its other albums?

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