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Does The PANTERA-Licensed Baby Stroller Cement The Band's Dad-Rock Status?

Posted by on December 7, 2017 at 1:19 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

There was a point in time where Pantera could equally be the heaviest band one metalhead listened to, and then the most "mainstream" or "accessible" band another (perhaps more tr00) metalhead listened to. At least it felt that way a decade ago. Everybody (or most people) agreed Pantera rocked. They were the forefathers of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal. Then, something happened.

I started seeing negative comments towards Pantera, questioning the band's awesomeness. One common thread among all these amateur critiques was they were young kids into deathcore. The new generation didn't grow up with Pantera and aren't wow'd by them. They saw the band as something their dad listens to – dad rock! Blasphemy, you say? Well, allow me to show you exhibit A. A friggen Pantera stroller!

Lest you think this is something Pantera didn't approve of, the band reposted it on their own Instagram. Indeed. for $59.99, you can show the whole neighborhood who the coolest dad (or mom) on the block is. Check out this product description:

These kids were made for pushing…. The minivan may not be the coolest ride, but that doesn't mean the stroller can't be. Daphyl's lightweight easy fold umbrella stroller offers the perfect option for easy strolling. Expertly crafted meeting the most stringent safety designs, out strollers offer soft grip handles, easy carry shoulder strap and a host of other amenities not usually found in this lifestyle amenity. All of this while maintaining our “Rock & Roll” branding and imagery that is sure to delight you and your kids.

Yes, think about all the photos you'll take and then 10 years from now how your kids will look at the photos and be like "my parents were so weird." Then, you'd have to explain to them that they are wrong and Pantera was in fact very cool. For the record, I love Pantera – and I am now just coming to grips with their dad rock status.

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