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Watch: John Oliver Compares DONALD TRUMP's Recent Comments To A SLIPKNOT Concert

Posted by on October 9, 2017 at 1:30 pm Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram

Corey Taylor has made it very clear what his opinion is on the current U.S. President, Donald Trump. So if he happened to tune into HBO last night for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, he may have noticed his band mentioned during a segment on Trump.

Oliver was recapping a meeting Trump had with military leaders, where Trump invited the press in for a photo-op where Trump teased this was "the calm before the storm." The press were asking "what storm?" Trump had no answer, and ultimately, it seemed like he was just cutting a wrestling promo. Anyway, John Oliver compared the moment to a Slipknot concert. Take a look (or read the transcript of the joke directly under).

"For a start, no moment in the preceding nine months has been even remotely calm. It's like we're two hours into a Slipknot concert and they just say 'enough ballads, now we're going to play one that rocks.'"

Of course, longtime Slipknot fans might note that Slipknot have plenty of ballads, but we're not sure they could fill two hours of live gigs with such music. But they could always try. Of course the joke being that they would never do such a thing.

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